FDSCo Meeting 2007-12-09 IRC log

John Babich jmbabich at gmail.com
Sun Dec 9 19:55:59 UTC 2007

<couf>	all righty, roll up your sleeves
<couf>	meeting topics:
<jmbuser>  go for it
*	couf has changed the topic to: Fedora Documentation -- guide status
<couf>	How are we doing on the DUG and AG?
<jmbuser>  jmbuser: Interest remains high in producing a quality DUG,
as witnessed by the mailing list.
*	jmbuser excuses himself for mumbling to himself
*	couf missed this weeks productivity, been working nuts
<jmbuser>  I am now the beat writers for docs, so read all about it
<couf>	cool jmbuser
<jmbuser>  couf: Not much else to report - hoping to do some revisions
myself and encourage others to do the same
<jmbuser>  couf: I am encouraged by new volunteers with fresh energy and ideas
<jmbuser>  end of my DUG report
<couf>	as I said, I've been out of the loop, so I've got to catch up with the AG
*	stickster appreciates jmbuser making objectives clear on ML
<jmbuser>  stickster: Thanks
<couf>	other guides we need to touch?
<jmbuser>  Is Admin Guide ready for publication?
*	quaid comes by purely out of chance but chooses to hang out
<jmbuser>  quaidL Howdy!
<couf>	jmbuser: for my part, not yet, it's still a bit scaterred
information, it needs some integration works
<couf>	foundation is great, and I'm thankfull for all the work that's
gone in too it, but it misses some coherence
<jmbuser>  couf: That suggests freezing the content and doing an editorial pass.
<stickster>  I think there are people still asking on the list about
subject matter areas to include
<stickster>  Those discussions should probably be explored and
concluded before we freeze
*	EvilBob is glad to see quaid's name on the FUDCon list
<couf>	stickster: true that
<jmbuser>  couf: Next agenda item?
<couf>	I'm wondering if we want to put some deadlines on that work?
<couf>	as in, get it done before we dive into the release-specific stuff again
<jmbuser>  couf: +1
<couf>	current schedule, says 24 Jan is alpha-release notes deadline
<couf>	http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/Schedule
<stickster>	couf: Now that you're back, you can probably crack some
whips on the list
<couf>	okidoki
<couf>	so next up:
*	couf has changed the topic to: Fedora Documentation -- elections
<couf>	https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-docs-list/2007-December/msg00011.html
<couf>	I remember us all agreeing that this was doable, although, we
might have a slight problem:
<couf>	ambassadors election has been moved back a week, due to lack of nominees
<couf>	it might happen that they don't have an election, but if they
do, we're having it at the same time
<couf>	and the voting app can't cope with dual elections
<EvilBob>  well if ambassadors needs to reschedule they should now
have to reschedule around us
<quaid>	ah, voting app limitations
<jmbuser>  I recall John adding FDSCo election to the official schedule
<quaid>	EvilBob: +1 true that\
<couf>	jmbuser: correct,
<couf>	well then, we missed our start, nominations should be open right now
<EvilBob>  It should not be our projects fault that not enough people
care about ambassadors leadership, if we ave to wait until they have
an election we might never get our turn.
<couf>	EvilBob: right
<stickster>  We have three seats up this time?
<EvilBob>  stickster: correct
<quaid>	argh, sorry meant to send a note
*	jmbuser throws his hat in the rng
<jmbuser>  s /rng/ ring/
<quaid>	about the nominations start
*	jmbuser is running on his typing skills :-)
*	stickster moves we clear out the current nominations page and make
way for new writeups
<couf>	yeah, mine, jmbuser's and pawel's seat are up for election
*	stickster hopes you guys will be putting yourselves in for re-election
<EvilBob>  lets just get this rolling, announce the opening NOW, and
stick to our other dates
<EvilBob>  it is not like the opening for nominations has been a secret
<jmbuser>  +1
<stickster>  True dat, it was posted to the mailing list
<stickster>  did it make Fedora News?
<stickster>  oops, s/News/Weekly News/
<jmbuser>  I put it in for this week
<EvilBob>  that I don't know but it can be in tomorrow's
<jmbuser>  complete with dates
<jmbuser>  EvilBob: It's in tomorrow's edition
*	quaid sends note about nominations being open
<stickster>  I'm blogging it too.
<quaid>	good
<couf>	yep, I'll blog it too
<couf>	okay, the rest of the election process has been done already, so
*	couf has changed the topic to: Fedora Documentation -- AOB
<jmbuser>  +1
<EvilBob>  FUDCon
*	couf can't come :-(
<EvilBob>  I see three of us on the list, are we doing anything Docs
related to get some fresh blood?
<EvilBob>  I see "Developer Guide Reboot -- Paul W. Frields"
<jmbuser>  likewise :-(
<stickster>  Yup, this is a pet project of mine, but I want to find
out at FUDCon what the developers think
<stickster>  I should probably blog something in advance too to gather input
<EvilBob>  I would really like to put together a Packaging guide,
maybe FUDCon is the right place to look at that again.
<stickster>  I want to canonize current documentation on Fedora code
development.  This could be a difficult project depending on how much
is projected to change over the next cycle with packaging +
<couf>	great idea stickster
<stickster>  I want to be careful to avoid trying to pack fast-moving
targets into a Development Guide because it will simply create
maintenance nightmares.
<EvilBob>  Working on my SIG
(http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/AmateurRadio) I have found a lot
of holes in the existing packaging stuff on the wiki
<stickster>  But there is a lot that could be written up to get people
started on Fedora as a development platform, including software setup
and tips.
<stickster>  EvilBob: Have you brought it up with the Packaging committee?
<stickster>  spot is pretty darned good about coverage in the
packaging docs, the majority of which he's worked on or written
<EvilBob>  stickster: it is all about "experience" really
<EvilBob>  stickster: yeah spot has been a big help
<EvilBob>  I would really like us to do the "multi-location" hackfest
for FUDCon if we have stuff to work on.
<jmbuser>  +1
*      stickster is into that idea.
<couf>	+1 too
*	couf needs to run for a bit
<quaid>	 word
<jmbuser>  Any other business?
<EvilBob>  nope
<EvilBob>  wrap it up
<jmbuser>  +1
<stickster>  +1
<EvilBob>  In 60
<EvilBob>  45
<EvilBob>  30
<EvilBob>  15
<EvilBob>  5
<EvilBob>  4
<EvilBob>  3
<EvilBob>  2
<EvilBob>  1
<EvilBob>  </meeting>

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