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Sat Dec 15 23:29:41 UTC 2007

Karl Larsen wrote:
> Paul W. Frields wrote:
>> On Fri, 2007-12-14 at 14:58 -0700, Karl Larsen wrote:
>>> I used the info in info console.perms and from several other sources 
>>> to teach me how to write a file that changes /dev/ttyS0 ownership 
>>> from root to me when I am on the console. As it happens this is the 
>>> devise in Fedora that lets you use a serial port which in windows 
>>> talk is Com1.
>>>     The info console.perms is written by Michael K. Johnson 
>>> <johnsonm at> and I suspect he wrote the software. Alas what 
>>> he wrote is real bad. It tells him what it does but it was way over 
>>> my head. After reading a lot of other things I figured out how to 
>>> use this software and it did work. But it took a whole day.
>>>     I would like to re-write this console-perm man page from the pov 
>>> of a user rather than the writer of the code. This I can do from 
>>> what I did to make the serial port work.
>>>     Is this something we do?
>> I think any quality judgment of that man page is a really subjective
>> measurement.  For instance, I find it pretty darn informative, but if
>> you asked me ten years ago, I'd probably argue with myself.  The man
>> pages use a specific style and tone that is particular to console users
>> (power users, administrators, and developers), and the information they
>> convey uses terminology that is somewhat consistent across the whole
>> set.  I have a feeling that trying to change that tone for one
>> particular man page may not be a worthwhile effort.
>> What I'd suggest, instead, is that you do one of the following:
>> 1.  (A little harder, but allows you to participate in this project:)
>> Follow the steps at to
>> join Fedora get wiki access, and make a tutorial page that explains this
>> procedure in common user language.  We can look at using that in future
>> guides as appropriate.
>> 2.  (Easier:)  Get yourself a weblog account at or any of
>> the other free blogging sites, and you can post advice on what you
>> discover there, and share it with the world.
>> Heck, you could do both if you wanted.
>    I really do not need to be a member of the Fedora Documentation 
> Project to write a blog on console.perms or anything else. The problem 
> with a blog is finding it. What I wanted was the person who uses "man 
> console.perms" should see an example of what is done.  What exists 
> assumes a good working knowledge of bash and, as you say is a power user.
>    I'm not a power user. But I had a need to use this tool. I was 
> happy it had a man page. I was unhappy it didn't tell me how to use 
> it. It took Google and just rooting around to find out how the 50 
> examples works.
>    If you need to be a power user to be on this Project, then I better 
> quit.
> Karl
    I went to the wiki page but they say it has been changed to make it 
much harder to join. I agree. My username is KarlLarsen and my password 
is wikipoop. Anyone who cares to can try and get on the wiki pages but I 
expect it will not work. I asked it to send me the stuff about I wrote 
by clicking on it and that has not worked either.

    If anyone can get on just let me know and I will try one more time :-(



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