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Karl Larsen k5di at zianet.com
Tue Dec 18 12:55:36 UTC 2007

Christopher Curran wrote:
> Christopher Curran wrote:
>> Karl Larsen wrote:
>>>    The instructions to join this group are old and out of date. I 
>>> have spent enough time trying to get the gpg and ssh things right 
>>> but your web page says it is all wrong!
>>>    I have spent 4 days on this and that is too much. I quit.
>> Sorry to hear that :(
>> I'll do some QE on it and see if it can be fixed. This is the sort of 
>> feedback we need though, we need to know when things don't work. 
>> Documentation is an endless hurdle with testing and assurance. This 
>> sort of feedback is helpful and much appreciated.
>> Chris Curran
> I hope I assisted with this issue. I hit many of the same problems 
> (and a few others myself). There are certainly problems with the 
> guide. The main issues are:
> * gpg isn't straight forward nor presented in a step by step manor, 
> some steps are missing.
> * some people (including myself) did not have ssh access configured 
> before starting.
> * The wiki editing process is not documented. Tooltips from within the 
> wiki itself are nether helpful nor practical. We need a separate 
> section within the original Join information describing the steps to 
> get connected and editing on the wiki.
> In all honesty the process is too long. I've been a community 
> contributer to a number of projects before fedora and none of them too 
> this long or involved so many loops. It probably means we are losing 
> the few how do not have the patience nor the troubleshooting skills to 
> persevere through such a process. Can we automate it :D
> Chris
    Probably not. The problem is, there is not a place where it says 
this is how you fill out registration form. And it IS complex. As I keep 
saying I do not understand the pgp system even with it's good man page.

    The step of sending the pgp you made to MIT is not working as shown. 
It just errors out and you cannot register if that is not working. This 
is a MAJOR problem.

    I will send my pgp information and ssh information for you to see.


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