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Davidson Rodrigues Paulo davidsonpaulo at
Wed Dec 19 21:04:29 UTC 2007

2007/12/19, Karl Larsen <k5di at>:
>     At first it would error out with a complaint that a default was
> wrong. This went on for some time but then it seemed to work. It asked
> me for my password which I gave it and it made a new file that looks
> like this:
> fedora-icla-karl.txt.gpg

I think you forgot using "-a" parameter when running gpg tool.  You need do run:

  $ gpg -a --sign fedora-icla-karl.txt

If you forget "-a", the result will be a .gpg file. The "-a" parameter
 is to generate a ASCII armor (text) signed file.

> This file is not what Fedora wants. I sent it in and it sent an error
> email back. This file is a binary file now and I have no way to read it.

Yes. The file *need* to be a ASCII armor signed file with .asc extension.

>     A question. Does anyone get the desired file on F8? This might be
> another problem.

Well. I ran command above and got a .asc file, so I think all it's working well.

Have you access on IRC? If yes, what is your nick? Join the
#fedora-docs channel on server.


Davidson Paulo

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