Self-Introduction: Timothy Murphy

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Thu Dec 20 01:41:19 UTC 2007

My name is Timothy Murphy.
I am a retired mathematics lecturer at Trinity College Dublin (TCD)
(although I still give courses,
this year on Elliptic Curves:

I have a fairly precise idea of what I would like to do
for the Fedora Documentation Project,
namely to bring Miles Brennan's "Linux Home Server HOWTO"
within the Fedora Documentation Project.

I should say that this has Miles' blessing.
The latest version of his HOWTO is based on Fedora Core 5,
and Miles says he does not have time to bring it up to date,
and would welcome someone else taking on the task.

This HOWTO assumes that the reader is running Fedora,
so it is entirely appropriate that it should be brought
under the auspices of the Fedora Documentation Project.

It seems to me that this HOWTO serves
a growing need, as more and more of us
become administrators of small home systems,
with several laptops and perhaps a desktop
shared among family members and friends.

I don't think this HOWTO as it is
requires many content changes,
although I appreciate that the Fedora Documentation Project
has fairly precise style and format requirements.

I have been using Linux since it first came out,
having been a Minix user before that.
(I still find Andy Tanenbaum's refusal
to bring Minix to the 386 difficult to comprehend.)
Much earlier, I introduced the first Unix system in Ireland,
Unix V6 on a pdp-11/23, in the School of Mathematics at TCD, in 1979.
I was also a very early user of TeX.
and wrote one of the first TeX output drivers,
for an IBM golf-ball typewriter.

I am not a computer guru,
but have a circle of highly-qualified friends
in the Irish Linux Users Group (ILUG)
who will ensure that any changes I make to the HOWTO
will be accurate.

gpg key: <>

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