Self-Introduction: Timothy Murphy

Murray McAllister murray.mcallister at
Thu Dec 20 05:27:31 UTC 2007

On Dec 20, 2007 12:28 PM, Timothy Murphy <gayleard at> wrote:
> On Thursday 20 December 2007 01:51:41 am Karl Larsen wrote:
> > Hello Timothy Murphy and Welcome to the Group. I am not yet a member
> > because part of the setup will not work for me on F8. I suspect it worked
> > fine on FC5.
> >
> >       Your papers will be a god-send to this Group! Anything that is near
> > perfect for FC5 can be updated to say F9 in good time.
> >
> >       If you have run into any problems with joining the Group please share
> > them. In particular were you able to complete the legal part of joining? I
> > was not able to return my signed document for some reason.
> I haven't reached that hurdle yet.
> I agree with you that the documentation about Fedora documentation
> leaves a lot to be desired.
> I followed the instructions for sending one's gpg key to the MIT server
> in <>
> but they did not work - the command
>   gpg --keyserver --send-keys 0x1381C1A4F
> resulted in the error message
>   gpg: "0x1381C1A4F" not a key ID: skipping

Hi Tim,

Thanks for joining. I'm glad you got your keys sorted out. That was
almost correct, but you do not need the 0x pre-pended (so it would be
1381C1A4F). Out of curiosity, where did you find that information

Kind Regards,


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