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Timothy Murphy wrote:
> My name is Timothy Murphy.
> I am a retired mathematics lecturer at Trinity College Dublin (TCD)
> <>
> (although I still give courses,
> this year on Elliptic Curves:
> <>).
> I have a fairly precise idea of what I would like to do
> for the Fedora Documentation Project,
> namely to bring Miles Brennan's "Linux Home Server HOWTO"
> <>
> within the Fedora Documentation Project.
> I should say that this has Miles' blessing.
> The latest version of his HOWTO is based on Fedora Core 5,
> and Miles says he does not have time to bring it up to date,
> and would welcome someone else taking on the task.
> This HOWTO assumes that the reader is running Fedora,
> so it is entirely appropriate that it should be brought
> under the auspices of the Fedora Documentation Project.
> It seems to me that this HOWTO serves
> a growing need, as more and more of us
> become administrators of small home systems,
> with several laptops and perhaps a desktop
> shared among family members and friends.
> I don't think this HOWTO as it is
> requires many content changes,
> although I appreciate that the Fedora Documentation Project
> has fairly precise style and format requirements.
> I have been using Linux since it first came out,
> having been a Minix user before that.
> (I still find Andy Tanenbaum's refusal
> to bring Minix to the 386 difficult to comprehend.)
> Much earlier, I introduced the first Unix system in Ireland,
> Unix V6 on a pdp-11/23, in the School of Mathematics at TCD, in 1979.
> I was also a very early user of TeX.
> and wrote one of the first TeX output drivers,
> for an IBM golf-ball typewriter.
> I am not a computer guru,
> but have a circle of highly-qualified friends
> in the Irish Linux Users Group (ILUG)
> who will ensure that any changes I make to the HOWTO
> will be accurate.
> gpg key: <>


Thanks for the post and email off-list. Your offer to support the Linux
Home Server HOWTO is greatly appreciated. I have replied to your
original email off-list so we can sort out some of the finer details.

Miles Brennan
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