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Thu Dec 20 13:46:37 UTC 2007

On Dec 20, 2007 3:13 PM, Timothy Murphy <gayleard at> wrote:

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> I don't usually agree with Karl Larsen (that is an under-statement)
> but I agree with him that the Fedora Documentation Project
> seems to be run in an excessively formalistic way,
> with pointless hurdles erected in the way of those who want to help.
> The idea of making life simple does not seem to rank high
> in the order of priorities.

As a member of the Fedora Docs Project for past 18 months, I
definitely agree. However, there's a great opportunity to solve this
at the upcoming FUDCon.
Things get done at FUDCons.

> If the Project was a roaring success this might be understandable.
> But as far as I can see the result of this formality
> has been that the output of the project has been meagre, to put it mildly.
> In fact there seems to be far more discussion _about_ the Project
> than actual documentation produced by it.

In my opinion, two big blocking issues are
1. complications due to licensing
2. too complex a procedure to join the Docs Project

I'm still optimistic that these are growing pains and can be
successfully dealt with.

Please hang in there.

Best Regards,

John Babich
Volunteer, Fedora Docs Project

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