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My name is Marcel Lambert. I became a practitioner of Linux due
to internet security reasons with the release of Red Hat 9 and since then I
live with
it and maintain occasional notes at
When choosing OS I am a conservative (you can call me rational minority),
I use both Linux and Windows and live with advantages and disadvantages
of both.

Originally, I got closely acquainted with computers about 25 year ago being
student in natural sciences, and moved to IT entirely shortly after. I
designed and developed software, managed numerous IT projects. A turning
in my career was in, later purchased by E*Trade, where
I had managed a project (and was a key architect/developer) for MTrade
for trading stocks on NASDAQ/NYSE.

My internet nickname is ARMADILLO, and I am interested in writing
about security topics and all the things in Fedora that help adventurous,
safety-demanding armadillos explore the world with Linux :-)


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