wiki questions, Moin versions, and click-through CLA

Karsten Wade kwade at
Thu Dec 20 22:51:18 UTC 2007

Mike and other fellow Fedorans:

We've discussed this a small amount on f-infrastructure-list, and even
more on IRC.

Can we run a beta of Moin 1.6 so we can get the click-through CLA?

What do you want to do about the wiki, in general?

The poor wiki beast.  It sits in the middle of all of us, and while
Infrastructure owns it operationally ("keep the lights on"), who owns it

Should that be Fedora Docs?

Could that be Fedora Docs?

Be careful, those may be different answers. :)

What would such an ownership/stewardship role mean?

For one, we would have to push through the click-through CLA and enable
an army of people to own and help maintain page quality.  As Wikipedia
has learned before us.

For other thoughts here, I open the floor to you all ...

- Karsten
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