wiki questions, Moin versions, and click-through CLA

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Fri Dec 21 21:45:25 UTC 2007

On Friday 21 December 2007 07:02:09 pm Mike McGrath wrote:

> Karl listen, I've been nice by not saying anything but now I'm going
> to.  Over 1500 people have completed the very process that you're
> complaining about.  Even in the time you've tried to apply people have
> succeeded.  Its not an easy process but it does take a level of
> competence and independance to complete (we're working on making it
> better, really) I'm not making fun, but your jabs and quips aren't
> helping anyone.  The docs mailing list is not the place for technical
> support for signing the CLA and the fedora-list is not a blog.

Since you have put the boot in ...
I take it the aim of the Fedora Documentation Project
is to produce documentation that makes it easier to use Fedora.
If the documentors cannot produce documentation
that makes it easy to use their own system,
can we have confidence that they will do better with Fedora?

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