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Timothy Murphy wrote:
> I'm not quite sure if I am the Tim referred to here,
> but if I am then I would be happy to try my hand at bringing the HOWTO
> into the Fedora Documentation Project.

My apologies, you commented in favour of bringing it into FDP, not
actually doing the work.

> On the content side, there are a couple of points that I wondered about:
> 1. You talk a little about PPPoE in chapter 5.
> Is this still necessary?
> I had the impression that all *DSL modems now do this for you,
> and basically give an Ethernet connection to the Internet?

Most modem/routers can connect to your ISP in "bridged" or "routed"
modes. In routed mode your modem connects to the ISP and handles the
PPPoE connection and firewall filtering, in bridged mode your modem
makes a simple connection to the ISP's equipment and the PPPoE
connection and firewalling is done by your Linux server (passing through
your modem). Your setup choice will normally be determined by your
network topology and what you feel comfortable with.

> 2. Does one have to understand IPtables any more (chapter 6)?
> I use shorewall, which seems to me to make this bit of life much easier.
> Am I right in thinking shorewall is more or less the default Fedora firewall
> nowadays?

Shorewall is a graphical tool for configuring iptables (Netfilter) and
is similar to Firestarter. Chapter 6 is constructed to "walk" a new user
through the complexities of iptables and Linux firewalls, so they have
an understanding of what happens at the "packet" level. Shorewall is a
higher level GUI that configures iptables with mouse clicks.

> 3. Do people still use FTP (chapter 14)?

Surprisingly, this is the chapter that has the highest access.

> 4. I wonder if a chapter on SVN might be worth while?

If Subversion is available as a Fedora package then theres no reason why
not (I'm unfamiliar myself), is SVN something a home network user would use?

The normal trend for FDP docs addition is if the application is
available as a Fedora package, otherwise sources that have to be
unzipped and compiled into a Fedora installation are far more complex
(FDP can't cater for all the different possibilities). If its "yum-able"
then yep, if its not theres much more work.

> But these are probably better discussed off the list,
> if indeed I am given the task of trying to bring your HOWTO
> (and it would remain your HOWTO) into the FDP?
> Tim

Miles Brennan

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