Adam Cooper - Self Introduction

John Babich jmbabich at
Sat Dec 22 21:44:29 UTC 2007

Adam, welcome to the Fedora Docs Project.

I am the lead writer for the Fedora 8 Desktop User Guide (DUG). There
are some active volunteers working on the DUG now, but we can always
use another set of eyes and fingers.

I assume that you are using Fedora on a daily basis as your regular
desktop. This experience is invaluable in fact-checking the current
material and, if you are comfortable with it, making edits to the DUG.
The target audience is the new Fedora user, who may be familiar with
Windows, but not with GNOME, KDE or Xfce.

I can can give more details if you decide to dive into the DUG. If
not, there are other draft docs which can use some help.

Best Regards,

John Babich
Lead writer, DUG

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