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Karl Larsen k5di at
Sun Dec 23 19:33:00 UTC 2007

    As I try to join the Fedora Doc I know a lot more about what is 
going on. The key issue is two fold. Did you get your key to MIT? Is MIT 
working now? The answer to both questions must be yes. I have known for 
some time that MIT is a key deposit computer and I once got a key to MIT.

    Now I know how to tell the answers. You MUST BOOKMARK on your web 
browser this:

And anytime you do anything with the Fedora Doc web page, you must first 
check to see if mit is working. Today the instructions tell you to send 
your key to another place that seems to work better. I found it worked 
fine,but, my key is not at mit so I can do nothing towards joining.

    It is important to tell the new member this information and let them 
know there is no way to continue joining. You just have to wait for 
someone to fix mit.



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