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Sun Dec 23 20:02:44 UTC 2007

Hi Marcel!

On Thu, 2007-12-20 at 17:47 +0300, Marcel Lambert wrote:
> Hello,
> My name is Marcel Lambert. I became a practitioner of Linux due
> to internet security reasons with the release of Red Hat 9 and since then I live with
> it and maintain occasional notes at
> When choosing OS I am a conservative (you can call me rational minority), and
> I use both Linux and Windows and live with advantages and disadvantages 
> of both.
> Originally, I got closely acquainted with computers about 25 year ago being a 
> student in natural sciences, and moved to IT entirely shortly after. I 
> designed and developed software, managed numerous IT projects. A turning point 
> in my career was in, later purchased by E*Trade, where 
> I had managed a project (and was a key architect/developer) for MTrade platform 
> for trading stocks on NASDAQ/NYSE. 
> My internet nickname is ARMADILLO, and I am interested in writing
> about security topics and all the things in Fedora that help adventurous, 
> safety-demanding armadillos explore the world with Linux :-)

Glad to have you aboard.  As someone interested in security, would you
be interested in getting involved by updating our SELinux FAQ for Fedora
8 and beyond?  It has not really been updated since Fedora Core 5, but
that doesn't mean there's necessarily a huge amount of material to add.
Mainly it needs someone to go over it, compare it with some of the other
available SELinux pages on the wiki: 

...and make the FAQ agree.  I think Marc was working on this but he
could probably use some extra hands.  Please take a look at our style
guide so that you can learn to approximate the tone we shoot for in our

If you have anything else in mind to do, please feel free to talk about
it here.  Again, welcome!

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