CLS problem

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Sun Dec 23 21:40:57 UTC 2007

On Sunday 23 December 2007 05:03:30 pm Karl Larsen wrote:

>     I am on the web at and it is broken at 10 AM
> Sunday December 23 2007. It will not accept FE2353A7 or 0xFE2353A7 or
> anything so I can't join now. I will try again later today but Monday
> may be the soonest I can get my new key to them. This is a big problem
> if you need to do it, and a bigger problem if you thought you did but
> you didn't. The web page is good because when it says it did you can see
> if that is so.

<> (NB not gpg) seems to me to be working fine.

>From my experience the best procedure is to create a  key-pair
and ascii version on one's computer, then go to
and paste in the ascii version (in the "Submit a key" box)

This takes a minute or so to complete.
Then you can see if it has been registered
by entering one's key in the "Extract a key" box.
As far as I can see, you have to preface the key ID with 0x.

The kgpg command to export a key to
did not seem to me to work.
It said "Sending the key" but this seemed to continue indefinitely.

As far as I can see, seahorse is the gnome equivalent of kgpg.
If that is so, it should be mentioned in the wiki page.

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