Self-Introduction: Timothy Murphy

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Mon Dec 24 00:07:28 UTC 2007

On Sunday 23 December 2007 10:18:52 pm Karl Larsen wrote:

> Please go to the MIT web site at and put your own
> good key in and see if it finds it. if it does please put FE2353A7 in as
> a new key and see if it takes it. I have been trying all day without
> success.

When I put in my key 0xD575F650 I get the response
Type bits /keyID    Date       User ID
pub  1024D/D575F650 2007/12/23 Timothy Murphy <gayleard at>

When I put in D575F650 I get
No matching keys in database
I get this with the key you gave,
whether preceded by 0x or not.

[Nb I disabled the key I gave earlier,
as I had included a photo -
which appears to be the default in pgpg -
and this made the key awkwardly large.]

If you actually want to register your key at
may I suggest you get an ascii version
and paste it in the "Submit a key" window at .

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