The Brennan Home Server HOWTO

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Mon Dec 24 12:00:40 UTC 2007

On Monday 24 December 2007 03:24:10 am Paul W. Frields wrote:
> > I'm not sure, as I said earlier,
> > to what extent shorewall has become the standard way
> > of setting up iptables.
> > But I certainly think, if you are lazy like me,
> > that it saves a lot of brain cells.
> To whatever extent is possible, it would be good if the HOWTO used
> system-config-firewall, since that's the new and future tool.  If you
> find places where s-c-fw falls short, you could file an enhancement bug
> or two. :-)  Shorewall is in the repositories too, so you're good to go
> there.

I'll certainly look at that,
but my experience of the system-config scripts 
(particularly system-config-printer and system-config-network)
is not good.
They seem to me to be simply add a layer of obfuscation
which makes it harder to diagnose any problems that arise.

And I certainly don't think it is any part of a HOWTO
to try to improve the system.

But I will look at it in due course,
if I am updating the HOWTO.

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