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Jonathan Steffan jon at fedoraunity.org
Sun Dec 30 02:21:49 UTC 2007

So yes. More Plone questions. Role = User class = Group membership in

Who are going to be our editors? Are they "gods" over content objects?

Do we have multiple level of editors or do we just say "you're on the
team... go edit"?

Do we have multiple tiers of workflow permissions (who can move a
document between states, for example) or do we just say "wow, you'll
help? here are your permissions"?

>From what I've taken from MikeM we will want to require special
permissions for users to even be able to create content, is this
another role?

Do we need "workspaces" in the sense "create anything here, we can all
edit it we can all see it, but the public can't"?

Do we lock down plone to be super secure and do very little at first
and then open it up with new releases? (Yes, this causes me a little
more work making sure changes are upstream compatible but i think this
concept is worth it)

What is the state of LDAP queries to FAS?

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