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On Mon, 2007-12-31 at 15:44 +1000, Murray McAllister wrote:

> There are double "-" characters, however these characters did not
> appear when I copied them from vim into here :( . 

I'm seeing the same behavior.  The original source in the markup seems
correct, but if you copy from the edit window, you get the extra '-'
when you paste into an editor that shows real ASCII, such as Vi or
Emacs, one single additional '-' appears.  The same occurs from the
displayed page.

Looking at the HTML generated by Moin from the wiki markup, I don't
"see" the additional '-'.  But if I copy and paste from the Firefox view
source window, the additional '-' appears.  So it's there, as a hidden

Pasting from an editor that is not revealing all the ASCII in a plain
text fashion might be the culprit.

As a test, I wrote a replacement text piece in Emacs, which shows all
the characters when in 'text-mode', and the extra '-' disappeared.  I am
saving this new version in replacement of the other, you should find
that it works when pasted into Vim.

So, blame Kate?

- Karsten
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