DUG Updates

Dan O'Brien dan at new2linux.com
Tue Jan 8 14:28:04 UTC 2008


I've updated the page with the location of firefox, and I started to 
work on the 'Network Manager' section of the 'Connecting to the 
Internet' page as you asked, but apparently starting Network Manager 
while using VNC wasn't the best idea I've had this morning. I'll finish 
that page tonight when I get home and can get my machine online again.

Dan O'Brien

Marc Wiriadisastra wrote:
> Hey Dan,
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Docs/Drafts/DesktopUserGuide/Web
> Is the menu location correct for KDE if so do you want to place it on
> edit status?
> Cheers,
> Marc

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