F11 release notes spec

John J. McDonough wb8rcr at arrl.net
Sat Apr 11 13:54:41 UTC 2009

This is really about questions for Paul, but there were a few surprises for 
me so I thought I would post this to the list just to share the knowledge.

In F10, we built the release notes from the xml, then copied the xml and 
resulting html into the RPM.  There were also a handful of associated 
documents which sort of caught me by surprise.

My plan in F11 Preview is to pretty much follow the .spec file for F10, with 
the exception that for the release notes proper I will do the Publican part 
of the build inside the srpm.  Given the timeline I don't think we are quite 
ready to face the whole subpackage thing, although I'm not writing that off 
for GA.

Some outstanding questions, mostly around gnome-help:

- What is up with the .omf files?  Are they simply prepared manually and 
included?  What do they do?  With my test document I can read the doc fine 
with yelp and no omf files, in each of my 3 test languages

- What on earth is scrollkeeper and what does it do and why do we care?

- In gnome-help there are a handful of topics, one of which is release 
notes.  How did that get there?  Hardcoded?

- You created symlinks for some images to avoid duplication.  We have a 
similar Publican issue, worth a little over 100K per language.  Should we do 
the same for F11?

- The whole copying business in the old .spec I found particularly hard to 
follow.  Although I kept the basic steps, I hacked up the appearance quite a 
bit to make it more readable (to me).  Here is a little snippet of the 
relevant parts.  Do you see any issues with this approach? (This is a test 
document to make it run through Publican quicker)
# Loop through the languages
for LANG in tmp/* ; do
  # First, the html in /usr/share/doc/HTML
  # Place where html files are
  # Target for release notes html
  mkdir -p ${NOTETARG}
  install -m 644 ${SRCBASE}/index.html ${NOTETARG}/%{name}-${LANG#tmp/}.html
  mkdir -p ${NOTETARG}/Common_Content
  mkdir -p ${NOTETARG}/Common_Content/css
  mkdir -p ${NOTETARG}/Common_Content/images
  mkdir -p ${NOTETARG}/images
  install -m 644 ${SRCBASE}/Common_Content/css/* 
  install -m 644 ${SRCBASE}/Common_Content/images/* 
  install -m 644 ${SRCBASE}/images/* ${NOTETARG}/images
  # Now the gnome_help files
  # Place where xml files are
  # gnome-help target for xml files
  mkdir -p ${HELPTARG}
  mkdir -p ${HELPTARG}/Common_Content
  mkdir -p ${HELPTARG}/images
  install -m 644 ${SRCBASE}/images/* ${HELPTARG}/images
  for F in ${SRCBASE}/Common_Content/*.xml ; do
    install -m 644 ${F} ${HELPTARG}/Common_Content
  mkdir -p ${HELPTARG}/Common_Content/css
  install -m 644  ${SRCBASE}/Common_Content/css/* 
  mkdir -p ${HELPTARG}/Common_Content/images
  install -m 644 ${SRCBASE}/Common_Content/images/* 
  for F in ${SRCBASE}/*.xml ; do
    install -m 644 ${F} ${HELPTARG}/


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