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Sorry for the delay.  I have to admit I've been a bit  slow on keeping up 
with these things lately, and work has had our team leader pretty well tied 
up.  We are wrapping up the beta release notes, and I'm not sure where work 
on the Installation Guide sits, but I think there is still work to be done 
there for Fedora 12.

Welcome aboard.


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Subject: Intro

My name is vishesh kumar, working as a Linux system admin for a giant media 
house in india. My am working on Fedora and Redhat Enterprise Linux from 
around 5 years.

I want to join FDP for following reasons
       Have closer contact with your favorite developers and projects. and
       writing as   a  career builder.

What i can assure that i am  sound in software hardware installation and 
configuration part.

I can contribute to Fedora Documentaion in following area
      Installation or configuration of any software or hardware under Fedora
      General or security best practices

What i need is oppurtunity to start.


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