Alpha Release Notes Next Week

John J. McDonough wb8rcr at
Tue Aug 3 15:38:06 UTC 2010

One week from today we will begin preparing the Alpha Release Notes.

If you have an application you think should be mentioned in the Alpha
Notes please be sure your Feature page is concise and compelling.

The Alpha Release Notes are quite succinct, so not every new feature
will be mentioned, in fact, probably not every major feature will be
mentioned.  But if we don't know what cool thing you are working on,
then for sure it won't be included.

If you have a really important story to tell, consider going to
select the appropriate beat, and write a short pitch on what cool thing
you are adding for Fedora 14.  If English isn't your first language,  or
you don't think you are the best writer, don't worry.  We have editors
who will polish it up.  Just be sure to make us aware of what you have
been doing.

Thanks for all your hard work

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