accessibiliy-guide draft

Eric Christensen eric at
Wed Aug 25 16:17:53 UTC 2010

On 08/25/2010 10:01 AM, Gerard Ryan wrote:
> I built a draft of the accessibility guide, here:

I hope to take a look at this later this afternoon.

> I sent the details to frostbite, and asked him to have a look over the
> screen readers part if he could, and let us know where we are falling
> down there. Unfortunately I haven't heard from him (I hope I sent it to
> the correct address (j.nadeau at - from FAS page for user
> frostbite). He doesn't seem to be in the docs group on FAS either, so
> I'm not sure if he will see this (if you see this frostbite, I would
> love to hear from you!).

If I see him on IRC I'll make sure he's in the proper FAS groups.

> Also, If anybody else would like to have a read through any part of it,
> I would be grateful.
> I'm not sure if the section on the Sugar Platform should be there or
> not, since it doesn't really mention any accessibility functions for
> people with a disability. If anyone has any comments on that, I would
> love to hear you!

If it doesn't talk about accessibility functions then it might not need
to be there but I'll withhold judgment until after I read it.
> I haven't submitted anything to git, since I don't have a lot of
> experience with that, but I will wait a few days to see if anyone has
> any comments/suggestions, then when I have some time to come onto IRC, I
> will see if there are any git wizards around to help me out with that!

Yeah, you should definitely push your changes to git so that we'll have
your source.  I should probably go ahead and build the new F14 package
as well.


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