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Greg Krpan gjkrpan43 at
Sat Jul 31 06:43:26 UTC 2010

Hello fellow contributors.

My name is Greg Krpan and I am looking to contribute to the
Documentation Project.

In the past, most of my work has been as a SysAdmin, but I have also
performed a number of documentation roles as well.  My early
documentation work was to document servers and data center
configurations for disaster recovery planning, I have also been
involved in the creation of a user manual to assist in employee
migration from Novell Groupwise to Lotus Notes, along with associated
training in order to familiarize users with the new application.  I
have been published twice for my work designing and constructing a
Beowulf-class supercomputer for geographic modelling for the USGS.

My skill level with computers is high.  I am comfortable with most any
hardware configurations from PC's to mainframe, and anything in
between.  Most of my experience has been supporting midrange systems,
primarily Dell PowerEdge (RHEL) IBM RS/6000 (AIX) and Sun UltraSPARC
(Solaris).  I build my own PC's for home use, and most recently
operated my own computer consulting business where I promoted Fedora
as the primary operating system.

In the role of a SysAdmin, I have had heavy interaction with users,
and am able to communicate on any level from "newbie" to expert with
confidence.  I have also had call center experience, in which patience
and the ability to calm a customer was paramount to providing a
pleasant experience for the customer.

I am a good fit for the documentation project as I believe in
providing the most complete documentation possible in order to allow
users to become more self sufficient with their use of the Fedora and
it's integrated components.  I can break down a problem quickly and
efficiently in order to develop and document a solution, and can
relate that solution to any level of audience required.

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