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David Nalley david.nalley at
Tue Jun 8 02:54:31 UTC 2010

I did some editing on the Join Page[1] and stripped the following:

* Reference to downloading the client-side SSL cert from FAS, which I
think is now exclusively used by packagers. (I may be wrong, feel free
to correct me)
* Reference to creating a SSH key. Creating an SSH key, while
important for docs-writers, isn't a requirement for docs, and
something that could likely be handled easier with some hand holding
rather than being listed as a requirement before getting to put your
toes in the water.

Additionally - I'd like to solicity input on removing d-c-l from the
requirements list. d-c-l has a ton of traffic near release (I've had
days where I've generated 400+ messages to d-c-l, and John has had
days that make mine pale by comparison.) I fear that the unsuspecting
new contributor will be overwhelmed with messages, and feel
overwhelmed by joining. Anyone think that this should be abolished, or
should we just add an admon??


David Nalley


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