Bug stomping session this weekend!

Paul W. Frields stickster at gmail.com
Thu Mar 4 15:05:11 UTC 2010

We have a team bug-stomping scheduled for this coming weekend --
Saturday March 6, core hours from 1500-2100 UTC (that's 10:00am to
4:00pm US/Eastern).  We can certainly move beyond those core hours
depending on people's energy and availability.

I didn't see any notes on the list earlier about an approach to take,
so here's my suggestion for how to prioritize our work.  Feel free to
suggest tweaks or different approaches, but let's have it settled
before we start working on Saturday.

Priority list:

1. Triage bugs marked as NEW

2. Attack each ancient ASSIGNED bug (with a number less than 500000)

   a. Decide what to do with the bug

   b. Either close or note fix in the bug report

3. Attack each EasyFix bug, assigning in round-robin form

   These bugs are marked with the "EasyFix" keyword and you don't need
   to be highly skilled to fix them.[1]

4. Attack each Release notes bug similarly.

One final note -- I have to take my daughter to skate lessons which
start at 9:45am on Saturday morning.  I will *try* to be online via my
3G phone, but connections are shoddy from the skate rink and it will
be difficult for me to do anything substantial.  I can be online by
about 11:30am Eastern.

To wit... it would help any new folks if we have a "Step 0," a 15-20
minute introduction to using Bugzilla, and how to use it effectively.
However, I can't do that instruction myself if I'm not there! :-) If
anyone's up for doing it Friday night, I can make that happen.

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