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Sat May 1 05:49:29 UTC 2010

On Fri, Apr 30, 2010 at 8:33 PM, Ian MacGregor <ardchoille42 at> wrote:
> Greetings,
>  My name is Ian MacGregor, I use the nickname "ardchoille" online, and I am
> a member of Clan Gregor.
> History
> I have been using computers since 1983 and building computers since 2001. I
> began using Debian GNU/Linux in 2001 and have been using Linux as my sole
> operating system since then. I have used a number of distros, including FC1,
> FC2, FC3, FC4, CentOS and am currently using Fedora 12. Since I started
> using Linux. I have learned HTML, CSS, regex, some javascript, some python,
> and some perl.
> Documentation work
> I have been a contributing member of the Ubuntu Forums and have made
> numerous contributions to the Ubuntu Wiki and Documentation sites. Years ago
> I served as editor of the Mandrake Linux newsletter (pre-Mandriva).
> Graphics work
> Over the years I have designed themes, skins, icons and other graphics
> including the new graphics for the DistroWatch site and icons for developers
> of the Android OS platform.
> I feel that I would be an asset to the documentation team because I feel
> that up-to-date documentation is a necessity.
> GPG Key ID:
> 4A734A85
> GPG Key fingerprint:
> pub   1024D/4A734A85 2007-01-03
>       Key fingerprint = C271 8846 F092 89F5 F751  0112 B419 6D61 4A73 4A85
> uid                  Ian MacGregor ('S Rioghal Mo Dhream)
> <ardchoille42 at>
> sub   4096g/428EE8BD 2007-01-03
> Regards,
> Rev. Ian MacGregor
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We are REALLY close to a release, which means that there is a ton of
work going on.
We have a number of guides that need help, and there's plenty of other
work in preparation for release.

Feel free to stop by #fedora-docs
In addition we have weekly meetings on Wednesday at 2300UTC in #fedora-meeting

You may also want to check out Fedora's design team - they are always
looking for talent.

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