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On Fri, May 7, 2010 at 12:08 AM, Nick Bebout <nick at> wrote:

> These are the possible ideas I've heard so far:
> 1. Separate groups for each document as it is now, but give document
> owners and other experienced members sponsor status (this can be
> facilitated by making a docssponsors group which will auto-grant sponsor
> status in all the individual groups. We could make a docscommitter group
> too that auto-grants user status in all the individual groups. (This idea
> would preserve the possibility to give commit access to just one group if
> for some reason this was wanted.)
> 2. Use "docs" as the commit group for all of our documents.
> 3. Use "docs" as a tracking group for all docs project members, grant
> "gitdocs" to give commit access to all documents when the member gets a
> little experience. (Eliminate the separate groups for each document.)
> 4. Change nothing, have separate groups for all documents, have to track
> down separate people to get approved for each document's commit group.
> Can we get some kind of informal poll going? Could everyone please email
> the list with what they prefer? I think I included all of the ideas,
> although if you have an idea that's not on the list, feel free to suggest
> it too.
> My vote would be either 1 or 3.
> Nick
I'm for something like 1.
I think that there are three steps:
1. contribute with email/wiki/bugzilla (mostly smaller items, or less
frequently, or still nervous about the power and/or tools)
2. commit directly to guide repo (hopefully after checking it doesn't break
a build)
3. publishing to docs.f.o

I am think publishing to docs.f.o should require a separate group.
I do not have any preference for the guides - all at once is fine with me,
one at a time like we have now is also ok.

If we leave it as a group per guide, the owners need to make sure there are
plenty of sponsors.

No matter what, but especially if we make it a single group, the owners need
to make sure there is good and clear communication on status, todo lists,
goals, etc and all of us need to make sure that new members have
opportunities for training and mentoring.


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