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mike cloaked mike.cloaked at
Tue Nov 2 14:10:34 UTC 2010

In the section 8.19 under

If any user is using a usbkey containing the DVD install media as the
install source (as opposed to a live CD/DVD), and miss seeing the
selection box "Change device" in the bootloader section then they
could be in for a shock! If the installation guide is followed with
the current text then anyone not paying attention to this will end up
with a system that will not boot - it is really important to switch
the BIOS device from the default in this situation which will write
the bootloader to the MBR of the usbkey instead of the MBR of the
machine's hard drive.

The problem arises in that the default when the install is initiated
when booting "from" a usbkey (written with livecd-iso-to-disk for a
DVD-iso file), then the message that appears next to the box with
"Change device" will typically be "Install bootloader on /dev/sdb." If
this is the case, and the main hard drive is sda, then you need to
click on "Change device" and then make the first BIOS drive "/dev/sda"
and the second BIOS drive "/dev/sdb" - if this is not done then the
newly installed system will not boot because the bootloader will have
been written onto the key and not onto the hard drive! (I had tried to
suggest that in this situation anaconda would make the appropriate
default selection but I don't think this has been done)

Although only a minority of users will likely be installing *from* a
usbkey , if they do not pay attention to this it could waste a lot of
people's time.

Any chance this could be added to the docs fairly soon?

mike c

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