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Aditya Patawari adimania at
Fri Nov 5 16:02:49 UTC 2010

Hi Mike,

As a parent and an avid education enthusiast, I can't help but to
> notice the apps to be included don't target the age ranges of kids
> you're talking about. Ages 8-15 only has a small overlap in GCompris,
> the rest of the apps are geared towards early learning environments,
> pre-K (4-5 years).
I do agree that children in 12+ age group might not find it that useful but
this is the case in Americas and Western Europe. In Asian and African
countries children are still fighting to understand computer, linux and
other stuff in a better way. In these countries access to a computer or
other teaching aids is very limited. We have to keep that in mind too.
Though adding some applications for our American and European friends is
also a requirement. We need to balance it out some how and your help is
highly appreciated.

> Have you seen Uberstudent?

I just saw its screenshots and slide show and I am really impressed. It can
help us to mark some more apps to package and UI layout. Thanks for the tip

Aditya Patawari
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