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Zach Oglesby oglesbyzm at
Wed Nov 10 17:01:05 UTC 2010

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> An important part of creating documentation is the QA (or making sure
> what we write is not only correct but won't kill someone's computer).
> We haven't been doing formal QA on our documentation before releasing
> our guides.  I'm assuming that we check our "code" before a release but
> mistakes happen and that's why I'd like to hear people's thoughts on
> implementing a Docs QA procedure.
> One thought is to get the Fedora QA Team to help us with this.  I spoke
> with jlaska this morning and he has added this to his wish list.  I'm
> open to other suggestions, though.
> Thoughts?

Getting help from the QA team would be nice as long as we are
contributing a far share of the QA responsibilities. I am sure that QA
has a lot going on as it is adding quality checks for every doc would
be a huge addition.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) we can't simply check the text that has
changed between releases for most stuff since things change so quickly
in Fedora we could easily miss something outdated.

My suggestion would be to have an assign a QA person for each doc (a
volunteer of course), that is not the maintainer. This way the we know
that the doc is getting looked at twice and we are not adding a huge
amount of work on another team.


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