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I would suggest attempting to have an independent reviewer.  Meaning a
member of the docs team that ideally has not worked on the section they are
reviewing.  Familiarity with a document is usually the best way to overlook

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> An important part of creating documentation is the QA (or making sure
> what we write is not only correct but won't kill someone's computer).
> We haven't been doing formal QA on our documentation before releasing
> our guides.  I'm assuming that we check our "code" before a release but
> mistakes happen and that's why I'd like to hear people's thoughts on
> implementing a Docs QA procedure.
> One thought is to get the Fedora QA Team to help us with this.  I spoke
> with jlaska this morning and he has added this to his wish list.  I'm
> open to other suggestions, though.
> Thoughts?
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