QA Process

Zach Oglesby oglesbyzm at
Wed Nov 24 07:52:22 UTC 2010

This email may be a little late, but at tonight's meeting I would like
to talk about possible ways to preform QA for docs, I have two
possible suggestions, and any others would be welcome.

The first possibility is to require all changes to be entered as
patches in bugzilla, each patch would then have to be verified by a QA
person prior to being included in the guide. I don't particularly like
this idea as a content writer, I don't really want to have to submit
tickets to bugzilla every time I make changes to a guide that I am the
POC on.

The second idea is to write to the proposed docs-qa list to inform the
QA team that a doc has been changed and need to be looked over. We may
be able to semi-automate this process by emailing the list when
commits are pushed a repo.

It may also be possible make use of both of these ideas depending on
the circumstance (patches from outside sources are checked via
bugzilla when a bug is submitted and internal work is done on the
docs-qa list).

Zach Oglesby

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