PROPOSAL: Create docs-bug list.

Karsten Wade karstenwade at
Wed Nov 24 08:03:35 UTC 2010

We could set the bug/qa list as the QA field for all Documentation bugzilla
components. Then configure Mailman to allow mail from

For a long time we had a firehose of communication funneled to the
relnotes-content mailing list.  It was a contact point for incoming
communication from other humans, too.  (Not sure about it's status.)

This bug list can learn from that experience.  While it becomes another
moderator queue to watch, we can easily add folks to the 'will accept email
from this address' list, such as keeping them able to be included on a
list-bound discussion.

Anyway, I'd like to remove myself from all those QA bug component spots, but
I need something reasonable to put in it's place. Would've
docs-bugs at work for that?

- Karsten
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