A new guide for newbies

Dilip P Kumar kaambuuu at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 16:28:53 UTC 2010

Hello Everyone.

I am a newbie, and unfortunately, have been a newbie for a very long
time now. The two biggest hurdles that are stopping me from making any
progress are
1. I am afraid I might break something
2. I can't figure out where I can fit in the docs team.

To solve the first problem, I want to ask if it is possible to start a
"Hello World" doc: A doc meant exclusively for newbies, that never gets
published for any release, where everyone is welcome to jump in and get
comfortable with the process without worrying about breaking something. 

Every newbie who joins can be asked to create a chapter in his name,
where he can post information about himself, what he likes to work on,
and to say "hello world". This will be a good place to get familiar with
the system.

Further, the doc can be about the process, where to start, what tools to
use and all instructions that a newbie will need. This will have the
added bonus that a newbie who reads it and doesn't understand something
will be able to correct it from his own experience, without bothering
everyone else.

Taking this one step further, this doc can also act as a guinea pig for
all changes in the publishing process. In the current discussions about
the QA process, a suggestion was put forward to try out a new method on
one doc and see if it scales up. This can be the guide to be
experimented upon for all such trials.

Can this be done?


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