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On Sat, Sep 11, 2010 at 12:39:17AM -0500, Jesús Franco wrote:
> I need to join Documentation Project in order to contribute
> documentation about Desktop Environments for thin clients like LXDE
> which is the preferred for old hardware. Right now, i'm going to begin
> an alpha guide to Fedora with LXDE. *Later*, i'd like to write guides to
> Fedora for absolutely new users, not just in freesoftware or linux,
> but completely illiteracy on ICT's. You can see a draft of the
> methodology i'm thinking on here:


Very exciting.  I sense there is going to be a lot of documentation
from Latin America, with original source in Spanish and Poiruguese.
I've always wanted to see that, where English becomes a translation
and the original authors maintain it in another language.  I always
guessed that Spanish would be the first language to do that.

Writers will need native-language or very skilled editors - the idea
is to have each writer working in another language to have at least
one native-speaking editor.  The rest of us put trust in that team to
follow good style, be consistent, and make a book that is of the same
quality as our other materials.

I'm also excited because I can finally do some work as a translator,
from Spanish to English. :)  I'm not good enough to go from English to
Spanish, but I'm sure I can help the other direction. ;) :)

Gracias y con mucho gusto,

- Karsten
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