jjmcd disappearing

John J. McDonough wb8rcr at arrl.net
Tue Sep 28 18:51:50 UTC 2010

I need to be out of town on family business for an indeterminate period
of time, and I will probably be netless for long periods of time.

Fortunately, there aren't a lot of release notes tasks coming up, and
most are pretty straightforward.

I have been tracking the tasks on

If you can cover some of the tasks it would be helpful; be sure to note
them done on that page so someone else doesn't try to duplicate your

10/4 Stop sending updated POs
I will arrange for this to happen by editing my crontab

10/6 Remind L10N no more POTs
Someone should send a note to trans at lists.fedoraproject.org reminding
them that updated POTs will cease for a week.

10/6 Wiki Freeze
This one is a little tedious, but easy.  Go to each of the beats and


if it exists, then insert


where sect-Release_Notes-Printing.html is replaced with the appropriate
section for the beat.

10/6 through 10/11
Go through the beats and update the XML as appropriate.  There don't
seem to have been a lot of updates, but the devel list was reminded of
the freeze a couple days ago, so a rash of updates in the next few days
wouldn't be a huge surprise.  I think we need to rework the systemd
stuff but I don't know what the actual status is, disappeared entirely
or testable.  Perhaps stickster can help here.  Rahul and Lennart have
been providing the information from dev.  systemd is detailed in the
System Daemons section, but it also has a mention in Overview.

Review the document, make final edits, and make a final set of POTs for
L10N.  Then let L10N know the POTs are available

Build GA htmls until 11-Oct   This should still be happening, so no
action is needed other than checking fedorapeople to be sure updated
documents (or error logs) are continuing to appear

10/14 Remind L10N translation deadline - another note to trans-list

10/20 f-r-n.rpm - This actually needs to be done a few days earlier to
be ready for the compose, but as late as possible to capture as many
translations as possible.  I hope to be back for this, but it is pretty
straightforward.  Instructions are at
Stay in close touch with nb to be sure the package makes it into the
compose on time.  Nick knows how to check where it is and how to move it

If you have a language that is close to 100% but doesn't build, you can
often simply correct the error in the po file.  Most commonly a
translator munged up a  ulink tag, or removed the semicolon from a
&PRODVER; or similar symbol.  Emacs is real smart about po files,
smarter than me, so I use gedit for this task.

Thanks for all your help.


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