Please tutor a crash course on Docs Project tools & workflow.

Jesús Franco tezcatl at
Tue Feb 8 06:48:33 UTC 2011

El 22/01/11 23:46, Christopher Antila escribió:
> You can start the project, then learn how to finish it as you go. If you

So, i've accomplished my first Publican document, to doing my resume as
requested in a new job. It's a first step. Now i have to explore the
sharp edges of what i've crashed at first. But i think i'm going to try
to tackle some bugs first on guides, or writing some enhancements,
before actually beginning the Doc Writers quick guide (i think in
something similar to Translation Quick Start Guide).

> make a good plan before you start, other contributors might want to help

It is what i'm trying to discover, which exactly would be a better path
than crashing alone by oneself with the sharp edges.

> you finish (I certainly will)!

Nice you say it, again. I'm writing this to keep you updated of my
little steps toward the big challenge.

> I agree that the QA process should not block writers from committing.
> What would be nice is for a QA person to ensure that every Bugzilla bug
> has been successfully solved. This can be done after the fix has already
> been committed. Also, if a writer, whether new or experienced, wishes to
> have their work approved by QA, they could make a bug request.
> Christopher.
I think in drafting some pictures explaining how we are going to handle
the new QA goals from now on, or at least which are our expectatives on
it. Maybe this is what we need here, pictures explaining some concepts.

BTW, do you know a way to include not raster (jpg, png), but vectorial
(svg) in the sources of the publican docs?

Best regards. I'll still working on this.

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