L10N migration to transifex.net

Zach Oglesby oglesbyzm at gmail.com
Wed Feb 16 14:43:32 UTC 2011

Over the last few days it has been decided that we are going to move
all of Fedora's translation efforts away from a self hosted solution
and on to transifex.net.

The migration over to tx.net also means a huge jump to version 1.1
from 0.7, with that we no longer have support for tx to commit to the
git repo[1]. This is going to require a redesign of our workflow to
insure that we are publishing the most up to date.

The new system requires us to use a command-line tool, that is in the
process of being packaged, and works much like git[1]. This means that
we now have to pull in translations by hand, but tx.net can monitor
the git repo (over HTTP) for changes that we make (you can also push
via tx command).

Trans.fp.o will be turned off on Feb 18th, so we need to make sure
that we have all of the current trans worked saved and then we need to
work on moving to tx.net. We still have a little time to get that part
of this figured out since we are not due to make POT files until March
15th, but we need to start looking at what this means for publishing
to docs.fp.o and for packaging into the release.

It is important to remember that the pains that we may be dealing with
are not because of the migration to tx.net but because of the upgrade
to 1.1, which would have happend regardless. If anyone has any
questions or concerns please don't hesitate to ask!

I am going to add this to the agenda for tonights meeting as well.

[1]: http://help.transifex.net/user-guide/one-dot-zero.html
[2]: http://help.transifex.net/user-guide/client/client-0.4.html

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