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Wed Feb 16 15:37:54 UTC 2011

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I wanted to bring this to the Docs community's attention so we can make
our own decision on whether or not we want this resource or not.

We have been using the pingall tool in zodbot for the last few months
allowing us to notify everyone in our room that a meeting was beginning
to start.  Since its removal we've found that the "solution" is very
hacky and doesn't work very well.  We've also found that several people
missed the meeting because they forgot and weren't reminded.

I've talked to a couple of people over in -admin and they say they can
turn it back on for our channel.  I support bringing this functionality
back to our channel.  It just makes sense to allow the projects to have
the tools they need.

I wonder about the people that complained in the first place.  I can
understand not needed/wanting this functionality in non-project rooms
(i.e. #fedora-meeting) but when it is useful to the project then we
should be able to have that functionality.

Just wanted to throw this out there so we could have a discussion before
any decisions are made.  Comments encouraged.

- --Eric

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