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Wed Feb 16 15:46:11 UTC 2011

----- "Eric \"Sparks\" Christensen" <sparks at> wrote:
> I wanted to bring this to the Docs community's attention so we can
> make
> our own decision on whether or not we want this resource or not.
> We have been using the pingall tool in zodbot for the last few months
> allowing us to notify everyone in our room that a meeting was
> beginning
> to start.  Since its removal we've found that the "solution" is very
> hacky and doesn't work very well.  We've also found that several
> people
> missed the meeting because they forgot and weren't reminded.
> I've talked to a couple of people over in -admin and they say they
> can
> turn it back on for our channel.  I support bringing this
> functionality
> back to our channel.  It just makes sense to allow the projects to
> have
> the tools they need.
> I wonder about the people that complained in the first place.  I can
> understand not needed/wanting this functionality in non-project rooms
> (i.e. #fedora-meeting) but when it is useful to the project then we
> should be able to have that functionality.
> Just wanted to throw this out there so we could have a discussion
> before
> any decisions are made.  Comments encouraged.
> - --Eric

I don't think any reasonable person would object to "reasonable" use, something like a single pingall 10 minutes before a meeting. Where the problem comes in is when it is something extreme like every 5 minutes for an hour. I would have to check my logs but I know before a few meetings there were 3 and more in the hour before a meeting. If someone misses a meeting because they did not get a pingall then perhaps they should look at other reminder options available. After all we had meetings all the time before this functionality, as such clearly it is far from a "requirement" to have a successful and well attended meeting.

-- Bob

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