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Wed Feb 16 15:53:38 UTC 2011

> I don't think any reasonable person would object to "reasonable" use, something like a single pingall 10 minutes before a meeting. Where the problem comes in is when it is something extreme like every 5 minutes for an hour. I would have to check my logs but I know before a few meetings there were 3 and more in the hour before a meeting. If someone misses a meeting because they did not get a pingall then perhaps they should look at other reminder options available. After all we had meetings all the time before this functionality, as such clearly it is far from a "requirement" to have a successful and well attended meeting.

I would not say by any means that it's a requirement, but it's a nice
feature to have, and the reasons to keep it outweigh the complaints
about it. It would have been nice to have it today so that I could
have notified everyone about the meeting that was in progress about
the new plans for trans.

Abusing any tool can make it a nuisance but thats no reason to disable
it. So, if its not obvious I am for reenabling it.

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