L10N migration to transifex.net

Ruediger Landmann r.landmann at redhat.com
Fri Feb 25 03:26:17 UTC 2011

Hey all,

I want to say an enormous thank-you to the logistics folks who have 
weighed into this thread -- your replies have been more than generous. 
In particular, I want to thank Karsten, abadger, Smooge, and David 
Nalley -- plus Ricky earlier in the thread -- for your thoughtful and 
helpful insights into the Transifex migration and what led up to it. 
It's times like these that I wish we had some formal way of recognizing 
awesomeness in Fedora!

I don't really have anything more to add right now, but wanted to 
acknowledge each of you guys rather than just let the thread die without 
extending my gratitude :)

I also want to reaffirm that even if I'm (evidently!) not happy about 
the decision, I'm fully committed to making it work wherever it touches 
what I do in Fedora, and I'm behind our leadership 100% here :)

I look forward to revisiting the issue once we've got F15 out the door!


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