GNOME Docs Hackfest

John J. McDonough wb8rcr at
Mon Feb 28 21:22:40 UTC 2011

On Mon, 2011-02-28 at 10:39 -0500, Paul W. Frields wrote:

> I brought this up in IRC and shaunm talked with various Docs people
> previously, but I haven't seen this covered in any agendas, meeting
> notes, or, more importantly, on the mailing list recently.  Have you
> guys discussed this event, and if so, was something decided?  I might
> have missed it!  So if so, please point me in the right direction. :-)

We talked about this at at least a couple of Docs meetings.  It seems
like for one reason or another, most of the likely suspects couldn't
make it, but then the Docs meetings have been sparsely populated lately.


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