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Hi all,

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Misha Shnurapet <shnurapet at> wrote:

> 02.11.2011, 11:33, "Eric H. Christensen" <sparks at>:
> > I would think that the best way would be to have translators add their name to the author list on their language's translations when translating.  This, unfortunately, doesn't work well with Publican.
> Hey, that's a great idea to make a message string in the PO files and have each translator add himself. Just see how it is done in Shotwell [1]. The string is "translator-credits" in the original, I think it can be built as needed with Publican.
> > I believe we discussed these problems at the FAD at Ohio Linux Fest and didn't really come up with a good way to do this except to provide attribution via a wiki page and have a link to the wiki page in the document.  A little clumsy I think.
> We've had this for a while [2], it doesn't seem to have worked well [3], probably because wiki and Transifex are the two things apart.

I agree that maintaining a list of translation contributors
manually is always going to be hard and time-consuming.

For now, I'd just link to the official list of Fedora translation teams.
Among others, the RN translators should all be there.

Petr Kovar

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