Mailing list settings

Ben Cotton bcotton at
Wed Nov 9 15:42:52 UTC 2011

Hi gang,

It's apparently time to revisit the topic of mailing list settings.
Currently, docs at is set to hold messages from
non-subscribed addresses for moderation. There are several of us who
moderate the list every few days or so to let legitimate traffic
through. The idea behind this was to make it so people who aren't
regularly involved with Docs can still send us messages, without
requiring them to subscribe.

I'm a fan of this, but the downsides are that:
  1) people who aren't subscribed might not get replies
  2) not all lists do this

I suggested that we might try to get all lists to allow email addresses. This fixes 2, but not 1. The real
issue that we're trying to solve is making it easy to
cross-communicate between groups. Sparks and I don't have a magic
bullet. Any thoughts?


Ben Cotton

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