Docs Leader Election / Volunteer Opportunity

Zach Oglesby oglesbyzm at
Thu Nov 10 13:13:35 UTC 2011

It was my intention to follow the normal cycle of offering up the role
of Docs Leader, to see if it was something that anyone wanted to take,
however I have now been notified that I will be traveling for work for
the next several months and will be offline for the majority of the
next release.

As such I fell that I should step down as from the position as Docs
Lead, and allow for someone else to take the helm. It has been a great
privilege to fill this role for the last two release and I have
learned a lot from it. I still plan on being an active member of the
team, but I will not be able to devote the time in IRC as I should to
preform the job adequately.

I'm not sure of the best way to go about selecting someone for this
position, but the first step would be taking volunteers here, and then
if we have multiple people who are interested we can take a vote on


Zach Oglesby

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