Proposal for a new process for publishing Fedora docs translations

Jaromir Hradilek jhradile at
Wed Nov 16 22:23:14 UTC 2011

Well done, Petr! I completely agree with others that this is an 
excellent proposal, and you of course have my full support.

On 11/14/2011 09:10 PM, Petr Kovar wrote:
> Hi Fedora docs translators and writers,
> After a discussion with shaiton following today's Fedora docs meeting, I
> propose to formalize the process of publishing Fedora docs translations.
> Currently, we don't have in place a formal process for publishing docs
> translations. This means that we don't make it clear enough to our guide
> owners and translators what and when should be published.
> The proposal is to create a new Bugzilla component and a group of
> default assignees for publishing translations to
> The group is consisted of members of the docs-publishers group (and
> possibly also other people interested).
> To get the translations published, Fedora translators are first required to
> file a bug against the proposed component. This applies to any translation
> of any document hosted on Then the members of the
> proposed group resolve the bug by publishing the requested translation.
> By using Bugzilla for the purposes of publishing translations, we can
> easily keep track of what translations the translators actually want to
> publish, at what time, and who is working with translators on publishing the
> translations.
> This makes the whole publishing process much more transparent.
> At the same time, we satisfy the demand from some of our community members
> to integrate the Bugzilla tool more deeply into our docs workflow.
> To reduce a maintenance burden for individual docs owners, translators don't
> file a bug directly against the relevant guide component in the Fedora
> Documentation product.
> This requires each of the Fedora translation teams to have at least one
> member communicating with the proposed docs publishers group in Bugzilla.
> However, translators don't have to learn new tools and rather complex
> processes specifically for Fedora docs, like working with Git, setting up an
> environment for syncing translations between and Git, or
> publishing to with Publican.
> This proposal doesn't necessarily affect the translation teams that
> are already publishing their docs translations. They can continue with
> their existing workflow if it suits them and they have the manpower to do
> so. In other words, this proposed process is completely optional for them.
> Your comments, thoughts, or ideas are most welcome!
> Thanks,
> Petr Kovar

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